Luminark Solar LED Torch Light  

Product specifications: Luminark L05 SOLAR LED TORCH LIGHT

  • 1) Battery: - 4V/4500mAh Lead Acid SMF
  • 2) Solar panel: - 3Watt, 8.8Volt Poly-crystalline, with 5m wire.
  • 3) Light Source :- Long life LED 3W LED.
  • 4) Mode of Operation :- One modes.
  • 5) Working hours with full battery :- 10+ Hrs.
  • 6) Enclosure: - Strong ABS body and Acrylic front for LED
  • 7) Charging indicator: -Red Led indicator glows while charging

Luminark L05


  • Long life battery with 6 month warranty 4V/4500mAh Lead Acid SMF Rechargeable battery.
  • LEAD ACID Battery batteries are safe for the environment and also safer to use. High power battery long backup.

Solar Panel:-

Polycrystalline solar panel of 3 Watt Power is used. Polycrystalline panels are of high Efficiency panels. It has weatherproof Aluminum frame with transparent glass.

  • Maximum Power (Pmax) :- 3.0 W
  • Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) :- 8.80 Volt
  • Maximum power Current (Imp) :- 0.34 Amp
  • Dimensions (L*W*T) :- 185*185*16 (mm)


3 Watt Long life LED is used. White warm LED, Lumen output of 115 Lumens in single led. LED focus up to 1 KM.


Strong body with Acrylic front for LED light. Strong ABS material is used in the lamp body. With safety fuse and external SMPS charger.


Searching, Walking, Mining, Railways, Workshops, etc.