Luminark Solar Fan With LED Light   

Product specifications: Luminark L08 SOLAR FAN WITH LED LIGHT

  • 1)Power of Fan:- 12 W;
  • 2)Power of LED:- 1.1 W;
  • 3)Mobile Charging:- USB Socket For Emergency Mobile Charging.
  • 4)Luminous flux Of LED:- 150 LM;
  • 5)Solar Panel:- 20 watt,18 V Polycrystalline panel, with aluminum frame & 10 m cable.;
  • 6)Material:- Strong ABS;
  • 7)Battery:- SMF Lead Acid 12 V,7.2 Ah.
  • 8)Operating Voltage:- 12 Volt DC.
  • 9)RPM:- 2000.
  • 10)Air direction:- Air direction Can be adjusted Up and down.
  • 11)Charging indicator:- Smart LED indicator for charging indication.
  • 12)Charging Way:- By Solar or Electricity

Luminark L08