Solar Lighting system is a small PV generation system which integrated powering for lighting & cell phones charging. It can achieve lithium charge & discharge controlling, LED light constant current output & to supply constant voltages charge for cell phones through its inner efficient control circuit.


  • Place the solar panel where can receive the strongest possible sunlight.
  • The solar light system is in charging state when the charging LED light indicator is red. When the charging indicator light turns to green, the solar lighting system is fully charged & ready to use. Once charging is complete, disconnect the solar panel connector cable from the control box.
  • How to use the LED bulb: - connect the led bulb cable to the port with a led bulb symbol located on the control box, then switch the solar lighting system to “ON” position.
  • Charging for cell phones: - connect the phone data line to the charging port which indicated on the control box. Make sure you locate the correct charging tip for the cell phone you wish to charge.
  • When the module is in the state of charging, it has no interference with the usage of LED bulb & cell phone charger.

Product SPECIFICATION - Luminark L04 Home Light

Product Name Product Specification
Solar panel power, size , cable 4Watt, 22.5*19.5cm. , 5meter cable.
Battery type, voltage, capacity Lithium, 7.4Volt, 4000Mah.
Output 1 waterproof LED bulb voltage, current 7.4Volt, 130 mA.
Output 2 phone charger voltage, current 5Volt, 1000mAh.
Waterproof LED bulb with 5 meter cable 0.9Watt.
Battery charging time 11 to 12 hrs. under direct sunlight
Light time 8 hrs for 3 LED bulb

Luminark L04 Home Light


  • Solar panel: 4W 11V, 5M cable
  • Light source: 1W LED bulb * 3 pcs
  • Battery: 4000mAh 7.4V lithium
  • LED bulb: each with 5M cable and switch on cable, IP54.
  • LED charging indicator: yes
  • Mobile phone charging: round port, with one Connecting cable and 10 pcs of charging connectors
  • Working hours on full battery :3 bulbs-8Hrs;2 Bulbs-12Hrs;1 bulb-24Hrs 1 bulbs cover by 1 room area (10X10)


The green LED indicator which located on the top right of control box indicate the state of system, when the inner battery is over discharge the led will turn off, & the controller will shut down all output, then please connect the control box with the solar module for charging.

Luminark Solar Home Lighting