Luminark L02  

Product specifications- Luminark L02 Nano

  • Battery: - 3.2Volt, 500mAh, LiFePO4 battery.
  • Solar panel: - 0.5W 5 Volt integrated Polycrystalline solar panel.
  • Light source: - 0.5 W Long life LED.
  • Modes Of Operation: - Two brightness setting (Bright modes/Dim modes).
  • Working hours on full battery: - 10 Hrs. in Bright modes & 20 Hrs. in Dim modes.
  • Enclosure: - Strong ABS body with Tough and sturdy design.
  • Charging indicator: -Smart LED indicator for charging indication.
  • Charging Way: - By Solar or Electricity.

Luminark L02

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3.2 V 500mAh LiFePO4 Rechargeable battery with longest battery life with a 5 years warranty, The LiFePO4 battery is the safest battery as it doesn’t catch fire & has one of the longest battery life in the industry.

Solar Panel:-

Integrated Polycrystalline solar panel of 0.5Watt Power of high Efficiency.

Light Source:-

0.5 Watt 1pcs long life LED is used.

Modes of Operation & Working time:-

There are two modes of operation, Bright modes & Dim modes. The working time of lamp in Bright modes is 10 to 12 Hrs. & in dim Modes 20 to 22 Hrs.

Enclosure: -

The lamp body is made up of strong ABS material & weatherproof protection. Tough & Sturdy design with multiple setting stand which allows flexible use.

Electrical Charging:-

There is two way charging facility, you can charge the lamp by solar and Electricity.